Update 15th March 2011

As you’ll probably know by now a Deluxe Edition of ABBA”s album “Super Trouper” is due out in May 2011.  Like previous Deluxe Editions this 2 disc set will contain a cd and dvd.  The cd will contain 5 bonus tracks including the stereo mix of the full length video version of “On And On And On” while the dvd will contain a never before released feature.

With this new edition coming up I thought it was a good idea to focus the next few updates on updating information and pictures for the “Super Trouper” album as well as singles taken from that album.

For now I’ve updated information and pictures for

The Piper

As far as I know “The Piper” has only been released in Poland as an A-side (flexi) single; in most countries it was released as B-side to the “Super Trouper” single.

Although regular vinyl singles have been released in Poland, among ABBA collectors this country is probably more known for releasing many different songs as “flexi” disc.  Often those singles would contain the same track but containing different pictures on the discs.  Another curiosity about these flexi’s is the use of non ABBA related pictures.  It’s almost if those flexi’s were used to promote the Polish way of life, Polish culture and its flora and fauna.


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